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The slaughterhouse is a ruin; each time, traces of its use in years past have emerged. In encountering the slaughterhouse, there are ever more pieces of new graffiti. Through their free presence in the space, they dominate the atmosphere of the slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouse building complex was built in the style of the Italian Reniassance Palazzi. Sprayers of the graffiti in the slaughterhouse have been identified. They were instructed according to my specifications to frame selected graffiti pieces and to fill in with white paint. For this they received a fee of 100 Euro.)
Through the sprayed picture frames, the graffiti are connected with the character which typifies the building style. Under every emerging graffiti-picture come the words of the graffiti, dimensions, and my tag-name FB81520 (initials of my first and last names, last three digits of my matriculation number).