Money is a means of exchange that, on account of its general acceptance for further trade for goods, can be traded for a product. The power of money has an effect on the behavior and thinking of social groups or people. It can be oppressive or also addictive, an incitement to jealousy or envy. Money is a thing with symbolic value that can nevertheless be an incendiary bomb generating devastation and violence, along with all types of firearms, nuclear weapons and the new dimension of cyber weaponry like "Stuxnet". For the work Kaliber 50 Cent, 150 50-cent coins will be taken out of the economic cycle and melted into 50 brass bullets for small arms, producing a limited edition of cartridges. Each bullet weighs about 8.3 grams. The bullets can be purchased for 50€ each, and each buyer has the possibility to choose which number in the edition he/she wants and to have it engraved with a word or his/her name.
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