...aus dem Modelabel Personal Artist   


Fotos: Claus Bach, Location: Ehemaliges Gauforum Weimar, Bauhaus-Museum Weimar

Business Out Fit, is the new fashion line from the fashion label Personal Artist*.
The significance of entrepreneurs and managers is highly influential and formative for the capitalist system. The Fashion line raises the question of "who is” or “who can " assume the function of the wearable "Business Out Fit". One L/XL Suit is equipped with security strips that are glow in the dark. The strips are displayed within a recognizable dress code and working clothes are introduced. "Business Out Fit" is an Out and represents a statement. By repeating dressing styles, one experiences the recognition that ideologies , ideas , ideals , and affiliations are so deeply ingrained, showing how working clothes restrict many different areas of activity.
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